Cobbler to Cobbler Aims to Continue Its Success

by: Nicole Krebs

Cobbler2Cobbler, otherwise known as C2C, is a student to student peer mentorship program. Last year it had about 230 students in grades nine through twelve.  C2C stems from a peer leadership program called Sources of Strength.  C2C stresses the idea of balance and the idea of day to day projects and conversations that affect your whole life.  C2C meets weekly instead monthly, since a monthly activity can affect only a portion of your life.

So you may be asking yourself, “What is Cobbler2Cobbler”?  C2C is a mentor program targeted to help freshmen and sophomores with their transition into high school.  Mentors strive to teach lifelong lessons that everyone can use in the real world. One of these philosophies is called the Sources of Strength, which targets eight major sources of strength that everyone should have in their life. The eight components are:

  1. Mental Health,
  2. Family Support,
  3. Medical Access,
  4. Spirituality,
  5. Generosity,
  6. Healthy Activities,
  7. Mentors, and
  8. Positive Friends.

In Cobbler2Cobbler students mostly focus on the last four.  For instance they do volunteer work as generosity.  They play games and do skill building exercises for healthy activities.  They use peer mentors to teach these things to the mentees.  Finally, they all build positive friendships when working, playing, and laughing together. They also learn that they must have balance between all eight strengths, because if they have positive friends but no family support,  problems will present themselves.

Now a nationally known organization, the people of the U.S. are baffled by the effects that Cobbler2Cobbler have had on the teens in the Rapid City area. From about this same time two years ago to now the Rapid City area has had only one teenage suicide. Two years prior to that it was about 14. That is a 1:14 ratio that the student mentors of Cobbler2Cobber and Sources of Strength are very proud of, and the nation has taken notice. This past March, two students (Robert Medina and Jacob Mobley) along with Mr. McGowan went to Canada and presented at a national conference to explain and teach other regions how we do what we do.

Cobbler2Cobbler is currently starting the 2011-2012 season and members couldn’t be more excited, especially since Cobbler2Cobbler is now offered to the Sophomore class of 2011-2012! That means it will now be a 9th– 12th grade program!  If you or a friend is interested in Cobbler2 Cobbler and have questions, comments, or concerns please ask Mrs. Kanta, Mr. McGowan, or a Cobbler2Cobbler member about the wonderful opportunity you have in your school!

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