A Beautiful Place: The Desert

This week the Pine Needle is featuring the writing of a couple Cobbler students who have described one of the most beautiful places they have experienced.

by: Katie Ramirez

It’s said to be a barren wasteland. There is not a sign of human life for miles because no one wants to walk out into the middle of a desert and see nothing. There isn’t a lake, river, or stream near yet there are still plants and trees growing. The trees look dead; their branches curve and grow in odd directions. The ends of the tree branches have evergreen leaves and all together the trees look like they could kill with their leaves alone. In the spring time the Joshua trees grow clusters of white flowers, and though it seems impossible, the trees look pretty.

When the sun is rising the animals come out of their hiding places. The lizards lie on the rocks to warm themselves up and the jackrabbits cautiously come out of their holes. The birds fly up ahead and chirp loudly as they look for something to eat. Though there is plenty of other wildlife wandering around the desert, the birds are the only source of noise. The sky is a mix between yellow, orange, and red as the sun rises, and the dark silhouettes of the Joshua trees and mountains gather in the distance.

During the afternoon when the sun is at its highest point, the wildlife goes back into hiding, the heat being more of a burden than anything. Even though it is the middle of the day it is the most uneventful part because it is so hot and dry. If you move any rocks or logs around there are guaranteed to be lizards or scorpions under them resting.

The best thing about the desert is the night. Since there are not usually any clouds and the trees are scattered and don’t provide good coverage to begin with, the sky is open. There are no obstructions and the stars are clearly visible. The stars and the moon add a glow to everything and artificial light isn’t really needed because of the stars and moon. The wildlife is most active during the night, you can hear the coyotes call for one another, and the owls are either perched on the cacti or just flying above so that you can hear them when they catch their dinner. For some plants the only time the flowers bloom is at night and they are some of the most extravagant flowers.

The desert doesn’t seem like a beautiful place. It isn’t green with lush plants and flowers and there aren’t any bodies of water, but it does have some interesting plants and wildlife.