Roundup: Budget Cuts, Teacher Christmas Party Revelation, and more

Monday was that little bonus day for students where they get to sleep in while teachers slaved away at their official Professional Development Day. During that professional development, however, the teachers had a chance to sneak behind the forbidding plywood barrier and see the new freshmen wing. Wow–if that won’t make students wish they hadn’t passed their ninth grade year, what will? Windows and whiteboards abound in each room and the general feel is that when in there you are in your own little school–a feeling that fits the “school within a school” idea that is the philosophy of the “freshmen house.”


Just before Thanksgiving break a lot of talk circulated about the coming budget cuts for Rapid City Area Schools. Lists of potential cuts and savings were referenced in a series of stories in the Rapid City Journal, making many people in the schools and around town a bit nervous about what is to come. Students and their families who are concerned about the cuts can attend some of the district’s public budget meetings, slated for January and early February. All the dates are listed at the superintendent’s webpage, but these are the three scheduled for the Central High School territory:

  • Mon., Jan. 23  – South MS Cafeteria
  • Mon., Jan. 30  – Dakota MS Room 109
  • Tues., Feb. 7  – North MS Cafeteria


Would you like salt on your fries? Apparently not anymore, at least in the cafeteria. All we know so far is that the shakers are not available. We don’t have the story, but we’d like to. The Pine Needle could use a student who wants to uncover the truth behind the non-existent cafeteria salt dispensers. We can handle the truth. Contact us at chspineneedle at gmail dot com to take on the story.


Students have heard rumors of a staff Christmas party, which takes place tonight, the second of December. What do teachers do at such parties? The Pine Needle has discovered a stray copy of the night’s entertainment agenda. Now, everyone knows:

  • 5:00pm– Staff mixer. Provided by the math department, teachers will receive math problems requiring them to talk to each other in order to solve them.
  • 5:30pm– Game. The social studies department will kick off the evening’s activities with a few rounds of Promethean Board Jeopardy. Theme: Christmas current events.
  • 6:00pm Dinner. Foreign Languages will distribute Flip Video recorders for everyone to record themselves asking to please pass the salt in other languages.
  • 6:45 – Rousing Activity. To rouse folks up, the English department will make everyone stand on their chairs and shout  Christmas limericks in unison. The game ends when the limericks get dirty.
  • 6:47 – Video – Computer and business teachers will share a music video consisting entirely of outtakes from students’ projects, unknowingly left on cameras borrowed for class.
  • 7:00 – Craft – With the party coming early in the advent season, the science department will demonstrate how staff can make their own Christmas lights display for their front windows using only the chemicals available in the school chemical closets . . .
  • 7:30 – Entertainment & Dancing – The fine arts department will lead a few songs and carols and will slowly exit stage left before things break down and become karaoke.
  • 8:58 – Party’s Over – Administrators will circulate around the room shouting out to staff members that they have two minutes to get out.


Black Hills National Cemetary by: Bailey Ellis

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