The Movie Buff’s Modern Masterpieces: The Man from Nowhere

by: Alan Smithee

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Sadly, there are no “modern Thanksgiving movies” that aren’t stupid gory horror films. So here is this heartwarming film, The Man from Nowhere, aka, The Movie That Almost Made Me Cry.

Really! This film is very powerful. It’s a Korean film, and happens to be the highest grossing film in Korea for the year 2010. Most of the time the films I see from Asia are super bloody and have no story really. But, once in a while films like this come out and change the game just a bit.

This film is about a man who lives in a crappy apartment; no one likes the man and they think he is crazy. The man ends up befriending a little wise-talking girl. Her mom is a heroin addict and doesn’t give a care about her. But, her mother’s addiction gets them in a world of hurt when she and her mother are kidnapped by drug dealers.

The man embarks on a journey to save the only friend he has (the little girl), and he is fast moving and deadly. In his past he had been in the ICA until his wife (who was with child) was killed. In the first part of the film he hides behind his long black hair. Then when he is ready to kick some butt, he cuts all his hair off.

The ending will make you blubber like a baby; it’s a real tear jerker. But, not everyone likes to read while watching movies. I like subtitles, as the movie has more of an impact when it’s in the original language. Dubbing just ruins it, so be willing to read–it’s not that hard! This film is bloody, but it’s not a blood bath. My father liked this film, and he never likes anything. And I mean ANYTHING! So, if he likes it, then you will too! Enjoy.

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  1. This movie sounds inspired by or at least reminiscent of Leon: The Professional with Jean Reno.

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