Roundup: Chamber Orchestra, Prom Theme, an Acting Recital, and more

Have you ever had trouble putting statistics into perspective? It’s a tricky thing to do, but this week The Pine Needle ran a story about the Anatomy & Physiology classes’ blood drive, which gathered 215 pints of blood. How much is 215 pints? Well, it’s 26.9 gallons. That would definitely require more than your fridge to hold. If you were to take all that blood and put it in a traditional one quart Nalgene bottle, you’d need 108 bottles to hold it all. That’s a serious quantity of blood. Nice job, Cobblers!


Tonight (Friday) you can catch the chamber orchestra in a show at First United Methodist Church (that’s downtown right next to the library). The price is right for students: free. It’s a good chance for students to learn what it’s like to be in classy formal settings even while seeing how shockingly talented some of their Cobbler classmates are. Gentlemen, are you looking to impress a lady? This might be a good chance to do something surprising . . . The performance begins at 7:30.


Last night juniors from Central and Stevens met to choose the theme for this year’s prom. Thankfully for prom attendees some students showed up to the meeting; if they hadn’t, Mrs. Mueller might have been tempted to make The Odyssey the theme, which would have involved decorating the Civic Center as Odysseus’ hall, and with the budget cuts the school might not have been able to afford all the fake blood required for it.

Again, it’s good students arrived. The vote was close, with jungle, masquerade, and candy being the top three themes. In the end, the winner was . . . candy. The prom will be called “A Sweet Escape,” suggesting that candy necklaces might be a hot commodity this spring . . .


Basketball is back in the news from the professional ranks down to intramurals. The boys’ team returns lots of varsity players, as highlighted in the Journal, and opens with a home game tonight against Sioux Falls Roosevelt. The girls’ team is reloading but with good prospects and also opens tonight against Roosevelt. The girls play at 6pm and the boys follow it sometime around 7:30.

The intramural signs are all over the department doors, so if you want to play a little ball on Sunday afternoons, get yourself on a team before Christmas break, since games begin in the new year.


Last night the winter acting recital took place. What happens at such an event? Well, the drama 2 students wrote their own holiday skits, and the drama 4 and advanced theatre students performed scenes and monologues. For example, Nicole Krebs performed “Annabelle Lee,” Nick Nettle and Tanner O’Neil performed “Greater Tuna,” and Sam Poppen performed Shakespeare’s “All the World’s a Stage” monologue (from As You Like It).  The theatre was packed, and afterwards folks had refreshments . . .  which means that anyone who stayed home and watched reruns of Samantha Who? and Dharma and Greg is really kicking themselves for making a poor choice.


Sun over Pactola by: Mrs. Allen

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