The Movie Buff’s Modern Masterpieces: Kick Ass

by: Alan Smithee

I love comic books; my dad used to have the biggest collection when I was a kid, and I read almost all of them. When I was a kid I also had this thing for the dark and gritty–the things parents wouldn’t let their kids see! And comic books and movies helped me see that. I was seven years old when I laid my eyes on “Punisher: War Zone.” It was everything I wanted to see. It was perfect.

When I have kids I am going to show them comic books; they helped me learn how to read, so maybe they can help my kids!

But . . . will I let them read the comic “Kick-Ass”? I will wait till they’re at least 15.

But the movie . . . they can watch that when they’re 12. Are they the same thing? HAAHAHAHAHaH! No, not at all!

Is that a bad thing? Not really. I really prefer the movie over the comic. The movie makes you cheer. It makes you want to . . . you know . . . Kick . . . some butt. The comic on the other hand is very dark, and a bit too much at times. The movie kept a lot but also took a lot out for its own good.

Now, for you people who live under a rock and have no clue what Kick Ass is about, I shall tell you! A teenager named Dave with a very simple life doesn’t understand why no one has ever tried to be a super hero. So, Dave buys a green wet suit and goes to fight crime. Sort of. Well, he gets stabbed and run over. But then, in my favorite scene in the movie, that I think is very powerful, he fights off three guys who are ganging up on some dude. Dave saves the day and gets all over the Internet.  Even the news talks about him.

But he uses his hero status to get this girl to like him, so he goes and tries to beat up her ex-boyfriend who is in a gang. Right before that, he gets stabbed and Hit Girl jumps into the room and massacres everyone!

This is the first time I have ever seen a little girl cuss so much on screen. Or kill a bunch of people . . . We are then introduced to Big Daddy and Hit Girl, who are trying to get revenge on a mob boss. He ends up becoming the main bad guy and tries to kill Dave. The movie gets really crazy, too crazy to explain. So, see it for yourself and enjoy, though it’s not for everyone, admittedly. It’s a nerd movie, but mostly everyone I know has enjoyed it. So, check it out!

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