The Movie Buff Looks Back on SLC Punk

by: Alan Smithee

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t: I have had a theme going on for the last two weeks. Today will be the last of that. The theme you are wondering about is . . . Punk. It’s not just a genre of music, it’s the attitude of a whole generation. Is punk dead? Pretty much! People try to bring it back, but it won’t be the same as it was in the 70’s and 80’s. The movie I am going to talk about is a very informing film about the “punk generation” and how it changed the world! Sort of . . .

SLC Punk is based in Salt Lake City (that explains the SLC in the title), and like all angry teenagers these characters hate their home town and want it to burn to the ground. The two “punks” we follow are Stevo and Heroine Bob. Just to clear it up, Bob did not get his nick name the way you think he did. It’s a very ironic nick name–don’t get hipster on me, people! He got the name because of his fear of needles. Bob doesn’t do any drugs. Stevo, on the other hand . . . let’s just say he isn’t high on life.

These two guys go by the way of anarchy. Anarchy is no government, no law, just violence and chaos. They went to the University of Utah to break down the law, find laws that make no sense. They believe in order to take down the system, you must be in the system. I really liked that point in the film but, it doesn’t go too deep into that. It goes more into life and growing up, and how people are, and how people change. Stevo is the one who looks like he can never change. He even says he never will but, everyone says that. I remember when I had really goofy long hair, my parents hated it, and I loved it. But now I have short hair. I got sick of it, and that’s pretty much what this movie shows. Sex, drugs, and punk music for the rest of your life will never work. Bob ends up falling in love and Stevo calls him a poser for that, but in the long run he finds love too. He even had an important platonic love, the friendship of his best friend Bob. But we find out love doesn’t last forever (watch the movie; I won’t ruin it).

My favorite parts of the film is when Stevo breaks down what it means to be a punk. He talks about why people fight, why they like the music they like, posers, and different groups. Watch this movie! It’s a character piece and is very fitting. This is a movie to watch with friends, even watch this with your brother or sister. Learn something about a genre that at one point was huge.

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  1. Alan, thank you for talking about this film. I just read the other two “punk” articles and enjoyed them. I like that you ended your theme with this film. I remeber when this came out, I saw it in theaters and loved it! I think you did a good sum up of the film.

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