Blizzard Perspectives: The Wind

By Chloe Kramer

Trees crashed down all around the house. From inside you could hear branches snap under the weight of the snow and the wind howling loud like a wolf at the moon. At moments everything stood still, in sudden shock of hearing branches fall onto our roof and onto the ground. In those moments everyone in the house would stop what they were doing, just to find out what damage had been done outside. It was like Mother Nature was throwing a huge party for people with no manners or regard to the damage they were causing.

As the storm outside raged on, the power flickered and flashed, and finally, went completely out. By that time it was getting dark and the house started to cool to the temperature outside. Candles were all around the living room, just to make enough light to see where you were walking. Everyone was silent in the house. No mindless chatter, or background noise to fill the empty space, just wind. Violent wind, which shook the house and swayed the fragile trees to and fro. Cold wind, which chilled the house and made snow freeze as if it were in a giant ice box. When everyone decided to sleep, they curled up in mountains of blankets and pillows. Stay warm, stay calm. Those were the concerns of the night, and as I lay in my bed in the cold silence all I heard was wind.