Blizzard Perspectives: Love Thy Neighbor

By Avery Friedt Many families were affected by the blizzard that hit our area this weekend. It was a bad situation for many of us, but from this disaster came stories of people who went out of their way to lend a helping hand. That is the case with my neighbor, Rick. This was our blizzard experience. My dad left town on Thursday to go … Continue reading Blizzard Perspectives: Love Thy Neighbor

Blizzard Perspectives: Snowmobiling Adventures

By Trent Hullihen On Saturday after the storm died down a lot, about 1:00pm or so, my brother and I walked down the street to Tyler’s house, which is just a few houses down. They have a snowmobile, so instead of taking turns, we just decided to go on it three people at a time. No sooner did we get on than we came to … Continue reading Blizzard Perspectives: Snowmobiling Adventures

Blizzard Perspectives: Living with My Friends

By Joe Klewicki So I woke up on Friday to my phone blowing up with texts saying, “no school!!” I just thought, “I need to get stuck at a friend’s house this weekend,” so I called my friends and said we all need to get stuck at one house. They all agreed, and we went to one house and waited while watching the snow fall. … Continue reading Blizzard Perspectives: Living with My Friends

Blizzard Perspectives: Redeeming a Really Bad Disaster Vacation

By Molly Boehler It was a freezing Friday morning and I was snuggled up in my Winnie the Pooh comforter. I walked out to the living room where my mom was sitting with her bowl of oatmeal watching the news. My dad then popped out of the kitchen saying, “Good morning Sunshine! How was your slumber?” I responded by telling him good morning and then … Continue reading Blizzard Perspectives: Redeeming a Really Bad Disaster Vacation

Blizzard Perspectives: Mountin Man to the Rescue

By Justin Bates Thursday night when I got home I got out all the snow shovels just in case, to be ready for what could happen, and thank the Lord I got them out because that night the snow hit hard. I would go outside about every two hours, just shoveling my front door out from the drifts. I went to bed that night knowing … Continue reading Blizzard Perspectives: Mountin Man to the Rescue

Blizzard Perspectives: The Wind

By Chloe Kramer Trees crashed down all around the house. From inside you could hear branches snap under the weight of the snow and the wind howling loud like a wolf at the moon. At moments everything stood still, in sudden shock of hearing branches fall onto our roof and onto the ground. In those moments everyone in the house would stop what they were … Continue reading Blizzard Perspectives: The Wind

Blizzard Perspectives: A Rancher

By Shae Heitsch I have had a different experience with this storm than most people from Rapid City. Being a part of the ranching lifestyle brings a whole different experience. Instead of worrying about not having power to watch television, we worry about keeping the animals sheltered from the wind and cold. Ranchers around me lost devastating amounts of livestock, cattle, and horses. I was … Continue reading Blizzard Perspectives: A Rancher