Blizzard Perspectives: Living with My Friends

By Joe Klewicki

So I woke up on Friday to my phone blowing up with texts saying, “no school!!” I just thought, “I need to get stuck at a friend’s house this weekend,” so I called my friends and said we all need to get stuck at one house. They all agreed, and we went to one house and waited while watching the snow fall. We started up our X-Boxes thinking, this is going to be a great weekend for gaming.

Anyway, we started playing and my friends and I were doing great in our zombie game when his mom came in and turned on the light and asked, “What do you guys want for super?” As soon as she turned out the light, the power turned off and we thought, “Oh great.”

So an hour passed by and then another and another and we were bored out of our minds and we thought, “Let’s play Chinese checkers.” So we looked and looked and looked all day and couldn’t find it; but we found chess and I hate chess, yet that was the only game we had all weekend. It was repetitive, the same thing over and over. All the fighting it caused was unbelievable.

Finally three days passed and the power turned on and what do you know? We found the one game that we were looking for the whole time, and now the power was on. How convenient.

I now know that I could never live with some of my friends because living with them in a small house for almost four days was horrible!