Blizzard Perspectives: Snowmobiling Adventures

By Trent Hullihen

On Saturday after the storm died down a lot, about 1:00pm or so, my brother and I walked down the street to Tyler’s house, which is just a few houses down. They have a snowmobile, so instead of taking turns, we just decided to go on it three people at a time. No sooner did we get on than we came to a 12 foot tall snow drift; it wasn’t straight where we needed to go over, so with having that many people it was very hard to balance. The next thing you know, we were all on the ground, but hey, at least the snowmobile got over the drift!

Once we got back on, we decided to go in a field, and the entire thing was probably drifted six feet tall with smaller drifts on top. We were just flying, barely holding on at every drift, and I knew someone was bound to fall off. No sooner did I say that than there went my brother off the back. It was absolutely hilarious watching his face; it was one of those things that seemed to go in slow motion.

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