Blizzard Perspectives: When My iPad Died…

By Max Frost

On Friday at around noon I was deep asleep when I heard my phone ring. I went to check it and it was my mom; she wanted me to come up stairs and eat some breakfast. When I walked out of my room I was so amazed at how much snow was on the ground already, and how the snow was so thick that I could barely see out my window. After breakfast I went downstairs to turn on the TV and I was watching a show–I can’t remember what it was–but about fifteen minutes later all my lights went out. I started listening to music and reading Noises Off. Then after I finished I grabbed my iPad, watching movies, and at the end of the day my iPad ran out of batteries, so I was forced to go up stairs to play games with my parents.

The next morning I went upstairs to get breakfast and my parents where gone. I looked outside and my parents where shoveling our drive way. We have at least a twenty yard drive way, maybe even more, so and my dad said that he had work the next day so we would have to clear our drive way and the road leading up to the main road, which is about a half mile. For about the rest of the week we had to shovel our drive way. We had help from neighbors, but it took us until Sunday to finish.