Cobbler Round Up: Concerts, Clean Up, and Playoffs

On Thursday afternoon students lent a hand to custodians attempting to clean up the grounds following the blizzard. Mr. Seales called for some assistance and in no time, an unofficial grounds crew had bagged up the largest batches of leaves and dragged into a pile the large branches that had fallen in the courtyard outside the commons. Mr. Seales happily reported that “The bigger work is done and students are asking how they can help make the courtyard look better,” a good indication of the investment students have in our school.

courtyard cleanup


Last Thursday the orchestra students auditioned for All-State Orchestra and a large number of Central students made the cut:

  • Sarah Hight
  • Mikayla Rogers
  • Patrick Knowles
  • Levi Kent
  • Kristina Giesey
  • Sierra Doyle
  • Kassidy Weathers
  • Madeleine Price
  • Cullen Knowles
  • Aileen MacLachlan
  • Josie Mazzone
  • Elise Horkey
  • Emma Porter
  • Madelyn Braun
  • Hope Dosch
  • Jessica Bachman
  • Isabel MacLachlan
  • Adeline Straatmeyer
  • Tim Jacobson
  • Carleigh Klein
  • Paige Werner
  • Brady Vandevort
  • Stanislaw Nikolaev

Particularly exciting for Central is that Madeleine Price, Jessica Bachman, and Brady Vandevort made first chair, Madeleine for viola, Jessica for cello, and Brady for trombone. Congratulations to these Cobblers who made it and to their fellow musicians who auditioned. All-State orchestra (and chorus) musicians will leave town on Halloween for the Saturday concert in Sioux Falls, and their intense rehearsals are scheduled to begin Friday, November 1st. Their conductor for the event will be David Barg of the Ozarks Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.


The All-State Chorus concert takes place at the same time and place as the orchestra and quite a few Cobbler voices earned the honor of participating. Our sopranos are Kadra Lewno, Brandee Moore, Katelyn Wachendorf, McKayla Wilson, and Devin Kilpatrick. The altos are Devorah Collins, Shekendra Morgan, Sarah DeWitt, Judy Williams, and Sequoyah Chavez. The tenors are Jared Kennedy, Matt Gaither, Seth McDonald, Bryce King, and Joey Bader. The basses are Samuel McKinney, Vassago Prines, Daniel Van Cleave, James Adams, and Benjamin Van Cleave.

One of the notable aspects of the All-State Chorus is the size of the choir assembled. These students will sing with approximately 1000 other voices, likely making this the larges choir they’ll ever be a part of. They’ll spend their time in Sioux Falls under the guidance of guest conductor Dr. Joe Miller, from the Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey.


Speaking of music, the orchestra will be playing their fall concert on October 29th, beginning at 7:30. They’ll be playing with the East and North middle school orchestras, which we would assume will be quite an experience for some of those younger musicians. This concert will have a Halloween theme, so it should be particularly fun.


Also in the concert realm, the marching band, which was back in action for the football game against Sioux Falls O’Gorman, will be putting on their indoor marching band show Monday the 28th at 7:30. It’s your chance to hear what the band can do without frozen fingers. With frozen fingers, the band continues to be excellent, however. They were competing in Sioux Falls last weekend (we had mistakenly reported they would only be playing for comments) and did quite well, finishing one point behind cross-town rival Stevens. Unofficially, we also received a particularly good report about the drumline’s performance, so the Cobblers’ marching band has lots to be proud of.


The football team lost to O’Gorman Thursday night, but only by a point and only after giving up just one touchdown (the final score was 7-6). The Cobblers have completed the regular season at 4-4 and grabbed home field advantage for the first round. They’ll take on O’Gorman again Thursday, again at O’Harra Stadium. If last night showed one thing, it’s that the boys have a viable chance to win their first playoff game since 2006. Good luck!

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