Coronation Set to Kick of Homecoming Week

By Sydnee Conroy and Sydney Engesser

11715533163_0316b42569_zOn Monday the 21st, coronation will officially kick off the Cobblers’ homecoming week. Suspense about royalty began to simmer a week ago with the announcement of nominees, and by Monday evening Naasz Gymnasium will be packed to the brim with energetic students and teachers eager to crown the Caribbean Dream King and Queen. While the drumline and pep band are instigating the crowd, a lot will be going on behind the scenes for the nominees. Jessa Nayman, a senior nominee for queen, is just happy to participate:

“I’m really excited to be on the homecoming court with a great group of people and I feel very blessed to be a part of homecoming my senior year because it’s going to be a great memory… I’m excited to see all the boys in their tuxes and to see the girls in our dresses and to just be a part of the ceremony.”

It’s also a big day for senior girl nominees Molly Boehler and Emily Burke, along with senior boy nominees Ben Newman, Zane Readd, and Brody Remmers. The page and escorts joining them on stage will be juniors Erik Petry and Shaine Becker-Hill, sophomores Madison Sidle and Chad Holt, and last but not least freshmen Hannah Young, Hayleigh Young, and Jetzon Olson.

Following the coronation will be the bonfire where students will help pump up the football players for the upcoming game on Friday night, burning of the letter W for the hopeful win over Sioux Falls Washington.