Homecoming Dress-Up: Pirate Day

By Madison Paschke

Ready to show off your devilish thieving side? To all of you who don’t know, Wednesday the 23rd is Pirate Day!

New to this school? A first year? I can understand the nervousness of dressing up and looking like a dork in front of your friends BBUUUUUTT this is Pirate Day and what I can understand about pirates is that Johnny Depp played Jack Sparrow WHICH IS COOL AS HECK! Be a swash buckling pirate! It’s easy to do: fluffy pants and a poofy shirt and red sash and an eye patch from all of the amazing sea creatures and enemies you battled with. Get a (non-lethal) hook if you can and watch the guards freak out about your potential weapon! Trust me when I say that we upper classmen don’t mind being the fool and dressing up to show that awkward amount of pride we have as a Cobbler!

And for the other grades, who I trust in to be the fun lovers I know they are, here are some easy tips and suggestions to make a costume fast and not have to spend forty dollars on an outfit that you don’t even want to be for the fun holiday coming up.

If you don’t mind playing thirty dollars for a pirate costume than the Spirit of Halloween is open down by the Loaf ‘N Jug and Jimmy Jon’s on Haines but if you need to get a cool costume for cheap? Go to the Salvation Army or Good Will and MAKE your costume! Just don’t buy a wig from those place’s….you never know where they’ve been. But other than that small piece of VERY helpful advice, dress up! Don’t be shy; it’s so fun, just give it a try!