Homecoming Tuesday: Tacky Tourist, Soccer Takes on Stevens

Dress up: Tacky Tourist

If being a tourist means you want to dress your part and blend in, then you wouldn’t want to stand out. Well, that is if you want to be considered a normal tourist versus the cliché, stereotypical tourist garb you would never dream of wearing on vacation.

That tackiness is the idea for Tuesday. Homecoming’s Caribbean Dreams theme has led to Tuesday’s Tacky Tourist day, where students will not only dress for their  ‘tropical paradise’ vacation, but will dress as the tackiest tourist possible.

The stereo typical tourist that would be found in the warmer climates are those who wear the tacky khaki or cargo shorts, with their sandals walking down the road, their cameras either around their neck or in front of their face capturing their magical moments. To give you an even tackier tourist look, you could don some longer socks with your sandals (eesh). You could even wear a hat, for example like a fisherman’s hat (you know the one you could see your grandfather owning), visors, or even those monstrous and floppy beach hats. And who could forget a fanny pack for such a tourist as this?

Instead of reverting to your normal, comfy clothing for this day, go big or go home…and nobody wants to go home during vacation.

Soccer boys and girls v. Stevens

From the opening whistle, the Cobblers will have to be on their A-game if they want to secure a win against the Raiders. Tuesday, September 22nd, both the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams play at Sioux Park against our cross city rivals. This is the second matchup of the season, with both Cobbler teams losing the first time around. The boys’ record is 4-5 and the girls’ are 5-2-2. The varsity girls play at 6:00pm and the varsity boys at 8:00pm. There is nothing better than playing with a student section cheering you on, fueling the players to do their best. Come out and support your Cobblers!

Contributors: Stephanie DeNoma and Kaleb Hedman