Many Students Re-Taking ACT Saturday

By Zach Swenson

Stress levels are high at Central this week as Cobblers prepare for the ACT. Speed reading, time keeping, and hand cramps will be part of many students’ day this Saturday as the second ACT of the school year will take place from 8am-12pm (though the writing portion also takes place from 2-3pm). Many students have taken the test before but are taking it again to improve their chances at winning scholarships. Others, like senior Nick Edwards, are taking it again to help with their chances of college acceptance. Edwards thinks his previous experience will help him. “After taking the test already I have a clearer understanding of what I’m getting into and think I’m more ready than the first time.”

These veteran ACT test takers are showing why students should not stress too much when they first take the test. In the end they show it is just a test and it’s not the end of the world if they do badly, there will always be more chances to take it.

Students can expect to get their scores 3-8 weeks after taking it.

Photo credit: “Exam” by Alberto G. on Flickr