Ben’s April MLB Baseball Predictions

By Ben Newman

It’s April and that means one thing: Baseball is back. America’s pastime started off with a bang this past week, so it’s time to see which direction things are headed.

Giants’ Turn

This year is an even numbered year and that means the San Francisco Giants will probably win the World Series having won championships in 2010, 2012, 2014. They started this year off on the right foot winning two of three against the Milwaukee Brewers. Maybe this year they’ll defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers for the NL West title.

Dodgers Up, Padres Down

Speaking of the Dodgers they started off the year ready to rumble defeating the San Diego Padres 15-0, 3-0, and 7-0. The 15-0 win was the largest shutout in opening day history. The whole Dodgers lineup contributed, racking up 17 hits. This early season winning streak projects the Dodgers to go 162-0, and they’ll probably never give up a run. On the other hand the San Diego Padres are on pace for a dismal season, not winning a game at 0-162, and not scoring a single run the entire season. Sorry, Padres fans!

Greinke Goes Bust

The biggest disappointment of opening day was the Arizona Diamondbacks, losing 10-5 to the Colorado Rockies. Based on this loss the season is basically over for the Snakes. Their big free-agent signing of Zack Greinke for six years at $206 million fell flat, giving up seven runs and three home runs. Greinke won’t win a game this season and the Diamondbacks might trade him before the season is over. Two of the home runs hit off Greinke were hit by Rockies rookie Trevor Story. Story has added two more home runs, giving him four for three games. This puts him on pace for 216 home runs this season, which would move him 1/4 of the way towards breaking Barry Bonds’s all-time record of 762. On the pace he’s on he’ll be the next home run king within four years; move over, Barry. That’s one thing Rockies fans can look forward to because we all know they won’t even come close to making the playoffs.

The Cubbies’ Chances

Even though the Giants are the favorites to win the World Series don’t count out the Chicago Cubs, who haven’t won the World Series since 1908 and haven’t made an appearance since 1945. That’s 108 year drought, so it’s about time the Cubs win the World Series. Meanwhile the New York Yankees have won 27 Championships in those 108 years. However, the Cubs started the season off right winning game one against the Los Angeles Angels 9-0 then winning game two 6-1. The Cardinals have lost three straight games to division rival Pittsburgh Pirates. But that’s nothing to fret about Red Bird fans: in 2011 the Cards lost the first two games of the season but then went on to win the World Series.

Royal Treatment

In the American League the Kansas City Royals are favorites to defend their AL Pennant. They opened the season splitting a series against the New York Mets, whom they defeated last season in the World Series. The Royals flew the World Series banner and received their World Series rings before the game. That must have been awkward for the Mets; not only do you get beaten in the World Series but then you start off the next season against the team you lost to and having to endure the banner and ring ceremony. The AL East is always a horserace until the end and the AL West has enough problems trying to fill up their teams’ stadiums.

Ben’s Guaranteed Expert Prediction

My prediction is the Padres will begin to win and make the playoffs and win the NL Pennant and in the American League the Baltimore Orioles will fly out of nowhere to win the AL Pennant making an interesting World Series matchup: Friars vs. Birds. The Birds will win in six and bring the trophy back to Baltimore. Of course it’s only opening week so things could change. Enjoy the season.

Photo credit: “Baseball” by Paul Lim on Flickr