Senior Quick Looks IV

With the school year coming to a close soon, here’s a quick look at the graduating class of 2016.


Brody RemmersIMG_2134

  1. One person I could talk to for hours upon hours:
    • Either Emily or Dominick
  2. What is your favorite season? Why?
    • Fall because of football, soccer, and my birthday
  3. Favorite Superhero:
    • That’s hard… Batman
  4. Post High School Plans:
    • Mines for Mechanical Engineering. I’m actually going to golf for them.

Richard Rigmaiden0425160935c

  1. I want to be Just like:
    • Kevin Spacey
  2. Best Teacher I had at Central:
    • Dr. Farrar
  3. What I will miss having my parents pay for:
    • Probably groceries
  4. Post High School Plans
    • University of Minnesota / Guthrie Theater B.F.A Actor Training Program.

Noah Johnson0502160912a

  1. First thing you do when you get home?
    • Faceplant pillow
  2. Favorite candy?
    • Paydays
  3. What’s going to be written on your gravestone?
    • RIP, Noah Johnson, Birth date-Death date, probably a joke.
  4. Post High School Plans?
    • Not sure, *sarcastically* maybe a Buddhist Monk,  I’ll become one with the universe.