Senior Quick Looks V

With the school year coming to a close soon, here’s a quick look at the graduating class of 2016.


Ben Druckenmiller

  1. Best choice for open campus lunch:
    • Pancheros
  2. As an adult I’ll probably be a(n): (morning person / evening person)
    • Evening person
  3. What I really want for breakfast:
    • Chicken strips (they are bomb)
  4. Post High School Plans:
    • Going to University of Nebraska Lincoln for Chemical Engineering

Kaleb Hedman


  1. Least favorite question your relatives ask you?
    • Are you dating anyone?
  2. Middle name:
    • Timothy
  3. Which year would you relive of high school?
    • Junior year..because of the friends
  4. Post High School Plans:
    • Going to the School of Mines for Civil Engineering 

Sarah Glanzer


  1. What’s the first thing you notice about someone?
    • Their smile
  2. What’s the last photo you took?
    • I had a photo shoot for my coffee this morning, like usual.
  3. I usually go to bed at ______.
    • Typically midnight.
  4. Post High School Plans:
    1. I’m studying marketing at the University Center.

Header Photo Credit: Emily Burke