Keeping in Summer Shape

How is it possible to keep in shape and not get discouraged? Here are three tips for success.

By David Geditz

May is almost over, which means temperatures will soon be topping 70 degrees, which means everyone will once again strive for the “summer bod” they lost over winter due to Christmas cookies and Easter candy. Here are three essential strategies to motivate you through the physical activity and achieve your fitness goals:

1. Find a friend.

The best way to keep yourself in shape is actually getting someone else to do it too. Get a friend that will motivate you to stay on track to reach your fitness goals (you should do the same for them as well). The reason you should have someone like this is because it’s easy to lose motivation when working out by yourself. Socializing with your friends while working out really makes the time and the reps fly by! Also, when you’re really not in the mood they’ll make sure you are in the mood by the time your workout comes around.

2. Not all workouts take place in the gym.

One crucial thing about working out is that it’s not required to take place in a weight room. Go outside and have some fun. Trade in that 20 minute treadmill trudge for a bike ride around Rapid City. We kids in Rapid are very fortunate to have the Black Hills as a place for fishing, swimming, hiking, and biking. So get outside, there’s nothing better to distract you from your workout then the beautiful Black Hills.

3. Add variety to your workout.

To make sure you’re not getting bored with your workouts and losing motivation you need to mix it up a little. Doing the same exercises over and over again day after day will get old fast. Google new exercises to do in place of old ones, since the internet is full of creative workout ideas. Also switch out days you’re usually inside for something you can do outdoors. Anything you can do to get out of the routine of a workout should be done or you’ll lose motivation fast.
Your Summer Bod comes at a price, and that price is sweat. However, the payoff is worth far more than what you see in the mirror.

Photo: Pumping Iron by midiman on Flickr