Being King and Queen for a Week

As the Cobblers prepare to crown this year’s homecoming king and queen, former king and queen Ben Newman and Molly Boehler share what it was like to be homecoming royalty.

By Brooklyn DeVries

Homecoming is here. Cobblers have been patiently anticipating this week, and it kicks off in earnest tonight with the crowing of the homecoming King and Queen. Yet while the coronation ceremony might seem normal for most of us—we do it every year, after all—for the two students crowned, it’s completely unique. To get a sense of what being royalty is like, I asked our homecoming king and queen from 2015 what it was like for them and what advice they might have for the court.

First, we have Ben Newman. For those of you not fortunate enough to know this king, he is larger than life. He now resides at USD, planning to study accounting, but in his Cobbler days he enjoyed acting, band, singing, and riding in the passenger seat of anyone who was willing to drive him. Regarding homecoming, Ben said, “It was great. I enjoyed getting to know the court and pictures were also a blast. Getting out of school to fulfill royal duties was not all that bad either. All in all, I was happy to be a part of the homecoming festivities.” As far as offering advice to this year’s court, Ben suggested, “Be humble in victory. It’s an honor just to be nominated. Have a lot of fun. Oh, and don’t start a twitter war.”

Now what’s a king without his queen? Molly Boehler is the epitome of sunshine. She now resides at BHSU, pursuing English education studies, and in her Cobbler days she participated in Cobbler2Cobbler, crew for theatre, band, student council and more. She was more than happy to share her experiences with me and share some thought-worthy advice. “I was jovial when I figured out I was on the court. I was lucky to spend the experience with Ben. It was an honor to be representing CHS. My only regret was not cutting my bangs so all my pictures don’t have eyes. From the tight red dress that I had to have altered four times before it fit me correctly, to talking on the news at 6 in the morning, to leaning out the sunroof during the caravan – the week was crazy and completely incredible. My advice is homecoming week is only as fun as you make it. Also ladies – after photos I recommend going to Olive Garden and pigging out because you no longer have to fit into your dress. Lastly, to the people who are crowned, people are going to disagree with you, don’t let them kill your vibe.”

So, congratulations on getting nominated, seniors. Take it from our homecoming king and queen and realize that it’s a privilege to be on the court. Whatever happens, we will all still be rooting for you.

Not to mention that at coronation Monday there will be a rockin’ Jazz Band and a gorgeous set created by Mr. Lore and his set builders! I hope to see you all there!