The Best Ways to Save Your Work

By necessity, students work on a variety of computers each week. Cobbler Kaityln Ashes takes a look at the most common methods to determine the best way to save your work.

By Kaityln Ashes

Having to do work at home and at school is hard to do, especially if you saved your homework in your school files. Waking up early and going to the library puts you in stress mode. Ever wonder what the best ways to save work both at home and at school are? I have investigated and found some pros and cons to saving work through Microsoft 365, Google Docs, flash drives, email, and paper.

If you have a group project, Google Docs is the program for you. Both you and your partner can work on it at the same time (how cool!). You can work on Google Docs at home and you don’t need to save your progress as the program does it for you automatically. Spreadsheets and Google slides are more great features of Google Docs. The downside is you need an a Google account to access these features. Another downside is that if you need to present your project in front of the class, you need to download it and double check that everything is in its place.

Microsoft Office 365 helps you work on your homework at home and at school almost at the same time. Microsoft Office functions basically like Google Docs, making it a familiar medium. The downside is that you need a credit card or a school email to get an account. Let’s be honest, who wants to pay money on a website that would probably only be used for school work? But our school emails work–just use the same login you use to access the school’s network. (Ask your teacher if you don’t know how to access it.)

What if you lose that really cool flash drive that you spent $14 on?

A flash drive is kind of cool to have on your lanyard, but if you forget or lose your lanyard, then how do you upload your homework? A flash drive does have its perks; you can get a really cool looking one for instance, and flash drives make you feel like you have your own portable desktop. But do you really need to spend money on a flash drive that you would only use for school? What if you lose that really cool flash drive that you spent $14 on?

Using email is really easy; all you have to do is save your documents on a new composed email and BOOM you’re done. But what if you forget your password or you think you saved your document but really didn’t?

Paper and pen is a tried and true method of saving work. When you write down your work, you don’t have to worry about saving anything but the piece of paper. The downfall occurs only if you forget it at home or you accidentally throw your paper away thinking you didn’t need it anymore. Or if the classic ‘my dog ate my homework’ excuse becomes reality.

Overall, I think one of the best and possibly the easiest way of saving your work is using paper. Using paper may be hard for some people, but for others it’s really easy–all you have to do is be responsible and organized. Any of these has the potential to be the best option for you, but it all comes down to how organized and responsible you are. With a couple of folders, a backpack, and possibly a planner, anyone has the potential to succeed.