Ask Sr. Sally: Should I Take an AP Class?

Many upperclassmen take AP classes–some take a LOT of them. Choosing to fill your schedule with them is a big decision, and Senior Sally has some thoughts for students wondering if such classes are a good idea. If you have a question for Sally, let us know.
Q: Should I take an AP class?
A: If you’re up for the challenge, then definitely!

AP classes are a great opportunity to get ahead in your education and challenge yourself, allowing you to take college level classes taught by your high school teachers and potentially earning you credit for the low price of $92 per test, which is far cheaper than taking the course in college. As the time of year for Central’s 9th-11th graders to register for next years’ classes approaches, students will need to decide if the AP track is right for them.

I had always had an interest in English so I took AP Language and Composition my junior year. Although I didn’t earn the college credit for it, I learned much about reading and writing that proved useful for me when it came time to crafting college scholarship essays. I regret not taking more AP classes, especially when my friend Mallori Brennen mentioned that her courses taught her good study habits and she now felt “prepared for college.”

Mallori Brennen mentioned that her courses taught her good study habits and she now felt “prepared for college.”

Mallori has taken five AP classes so far, stowing away credit for two of them in her pocket for college. Mallori told me that her biggest difficulty was “trying not to procrastinate,” which was something I had a hard time with too in my class. I quickly learned that pushing homework to the side for last minute was the worst possible decision I could make, and rushing to do the assignments last minute led to a couple deserved low grades. Once I got past procrastination, the class was fun and challenged me to become a better writer.senior-sally

Advanced Placement classes aren’t for everyone and most of them require a recommendation from one of your current teachers as well as a qualifying GPA. If you do get approved for the class, you can prepare yourself by getting a planner to keep track of your assignments and installing Quizlet, a flashcard app, to help you study for the ample tests you will run into throughout your AP career. Good luck, and happy scheduling!