Students Feasting at New Panera Bread

Students are excited to try Rapid City’s newest famous restaurant, Panera Bread, which recently opened at Rushmore Crossing.

By Sydney Hagel

After months of rumors, Panera Bread finally made its way to Rapid City. The cafe officially opened on November 15, 2016 at Rushmore Crossing. Panera is a wide chain of cafes with 2 thousand stores in 46 states, it offers sandwiches, soups, delicious pastries and much more. After talking with some Panera Bread customers, it seems that the cafe was a large upgrade for Rapid.

Student Brooklyn DeVries went to the opening day of Panera as a first time customer. “I had a Frontega Chicken Panini and it was delicious,” she says. ”It’s very cozy and the layout reminded me of my trip to Germany. I’ll definitely go again.” For Brooklyn, Panera was a new experience, but for some having Panera’s famous paninis and muffins isn’t so new. “I’ve been to a Panera in Iowa, Tennessee, and Colorado,” says David Bernot. “Whenever I go on vacation I stop at Panera.” No matter where you go, Panera will have the same style, layout and menu. David has been to Panera twice since it opened in Rapid and plans to going many more times.  With the cafe reaching its maximum capacity each of its first two days, the people of Rapid have definitely shown their love for Panera Bread.

Photo: Panera Bread, Newington, CT by Mike Mozart on Flickr