Cobblers Up Close: Troy the Security Guard

Careers in the Marines, Air Force, and police have prepared Troy for this moment: Security at Central High School!

By Charlie Perry

The main entrance to the building, usually flooded with mobs of students in a hurry to get to class, is a sure place to find one of Central’s five security guards. Today, Troy was on duty. Troy, arguably Central High School’s most intimidating security guard, stands at 6’3” and sports a military crew cut, a holdover from his past in four different branches of the military (Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Army, in that order).

In the breaks between greeting students coming in late, and taking quick glances at their ID’s (or lack thereof), Troy reads the Pine Needle, watches the cameras, and checks in the occasional visitor. When I asked Troy if he had time to answer some questions, he happily agreed to an interview. Though he may seem hard, Troy is really quite relaxed and funny.

“I’ve been working here for about a year and a half, give or take a month or so,” he said. Norma Dupris, who has worked for Central security for 11 years, approves of the new guy. “Troy is a great guy,” she said. “He gets along with a lot of the students and I feel like that’s because one of his greatest qualities is his personality.” During his interview, Troy mentioned that though he had only worked at Central for two short months at the end of the 2014-2015 school year, he still had numerous students approach him while he was with his wife at the Central States Fair. “My wife was shocked,” he said. “She couldn’t believe how many just came up to say ‘Hi’ or chat for a second–there must have been 50 in all!” While 50 may sound like a lot, once you get to meet him for the first time it’s understandable why so many people stopped to chat.

‘It’s obviously much more laid back from my last occupations, however I don’t mind it.’

“He may look intimidating because of his military look,” Norma said.“But once you meet him it doesn’t take long to figure out he’s a nice guy.” When I asked the ex-Marine what he thought of working at the school he said, “It’s obviously much more laid back from my last occupations, however I don’t mind it. I like being able to have some expectations of what I’m going to face, something I couldn’t do in the military or my two years in the RCPD.”

Needless to say Troy has seen his fair share of action and excitement, and there’s no shame in wanting to slow down a bit, but don’t be mistaken, Central has its own excitement to share. Within the first week of school, we had a lock-down, which was thankfully a false alarm, but it was also a reminder that Central still has some surprises in store for our guards. Troy included!

Photo by Dillon Rose