Central Students’ Five Favorite Christmas Movies

In America, Christmas and movies go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows. Central students have clear favorites when it comes to this holiday’s classic films.

By Wynter Miller

Most people have a movie that they absolutely love to watch during the holiday season. For some, that movie is The Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, for others it’s Die Hard. However, after asking several different Cobbler students, there are five movies that make this school full of Christmas cheer.

#5- The Polar Express


The Polar Express is a film filled with Christmas magic. Student Kaitlyn Hahn said, “It’s just a great movie where you can feel that feeling that you felt when you were a little kid watching it at school. At my old school we would watch it in our pajamas while we got to drink hot chocolate and sing along to the songs.” It’s definitely a film in which you get to feel the ultimate Christmas spirit and enjoy plenty of versions of Tom Hanks.

#4- Home Alone


Home Alone, the movie that is most known for the shocked expression Kevin had when he put aftershave on his little face. This film is a fond childhood memory for so many people. “It’s like, the child version of Saw,” says Sage Preble. “The only good part of this movie is that in the second one, Donald Trump gave him directions and that was the only thing that helped his political campaign.” Though a more politically pessimistic view, it just shows that the Home Alone movies have it all: a mother’s love, a child defending his home, and Donald Trump.

#3- A Christmas Story


Everyone remembers this movie as the film in which all this little boy wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder Air Rifle, or in other cases the movie where a boy gets triple dog dared into licking a pole, or perhaps the leg lamp. This movie fills our memories with fondness for young Ralphie and his quirky story. “It captures the wonder of Christmas from a child’s perspective, making it unique, like no other film,” Alec Faiman says. This film brings joy to the students of Central High School, it is no wonder it made the list.

#2- How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Live Action)


Jim Carrey, one of the funniest people in the world, proudly struts in a furry green costume for this classic. The students of this school find that his work in this piece far exceeds that of the original animation. The improvisation and absurd gestures make this film renowned and loved by many.  “It’s like the dankest movie on this earth, besides the Bee Movie,” remarks Alana Wallace.

#1- Elf


The most popular Christmas movie among the students of Central is Elf. Will Ferrell warmed and lifted the hearts of many with this hilarious film depicting an elf in search of his father. It has love, adventure, family, and salty elves. The spirit of this movie lifts you up. I spoke to the beloved Mr. Belsaas to get the teacher’s perspective. “I love how much optimism Elf has,” he said. “I like that he shares that spirit and joy with those around him.” Elf lightens the Christmas spirit and brightens the holiday. This move is enjoyed by so many individuals, especially those in this school. “I like it because it shows the childlike behaviour in everyone,” says Caitlyn Riggs, “like the way he showed Jovie how to let loose. He taught her to show her true self even if it was singing in front of a crowd to make them believe.” This movie invites you to believe in Santa and elves, it allows you to relax and laugh till you cry. This is why Elf is our #1, because who doesn’t love a holiday comedy about an oversized elf?