Students’ Excuses Can Be Over the Top

Some students’ explanations for being tardy or late have created memories, if not excused absences.

By Abigail Donnelly

It’s a Wednesday during that second block class you know will feel at least three hours long. As you’re trying to keep your head from falling on the table, Chris from Biology walks in an hour late. With the teacher eyeing him, Chris raises his hands in defense and says, “Sorry Mr.–, my cat got stuck in the toilet!”

This may seem far-fetched, but as the school year passes the first midterm, it’s no surprise to learn that students at Central High School are coming up with some interesting excuses for being absent from class.  

When asked about creative excuses, Laurel Sahli and Bonnie Thovson, secretaries in the attendance office, pulled out a long list, filled with the best of the best. “One student called and said they ate lunch and had to take a nap because they were too full,” Bonnie stated. Laurel claimed that her favorite was when “a mom called and said her son was playing on the swing set outside and she couldn’t get him to come off.” 

It’s no wonder the attendance office gets myriad excuses for being late, but Joey Lore, an English and stagecraft teacher at Central High School, shared a few of his favorite as well: “The student said, ‘My dog got stuck in a sewer drain’ — the kid didn’t even have a dog.” On top of that excuse, another student claimed, “My printer exploded!” 

Math teacher Brynn Birkeland said that she even had a kid who said he was late because he “walked all the way from Rockerville.”  According to Google Maps, Rockerville is 13 miles from Central High School.

Photo: Late by Evan on Flickr