Mr. Thovson Returns to Classroom after ATV Accident

A dangerous ATV accident kept Mr. Thovson from starting the school year on time. But he’s coming back.

By Maria Bunkers

Crushed under an ATV this summer while spraying weeds for the county on Medicine Mountain, social studies teacher Mr.  Jim Thovson finally started the school year last week.

The incident occurred when he went to turn the 4-wheeler and hit a stump, which launched him down the hill. “All he could think of was where the 4-wheeler was, so he turned to look and the 4-wheeler rolled on top of him,” says his wife, Bonnie. “He had a helmet on, thank goodness; that’s why we always say ‘wear your helmet’”. The helmet had cracked in half. Mr. Thovson says that he “turned and the ATV was two-and-a-half feet from my head, so I laid as flat as I could.”

Mr. Thovson dislocated his shoulder and broke one of the bones within it, tearing his rotator cuff. “He had overnight surgery and now,” says Bonnie, “he’s doing physical therapy. It’s taken a toll because he’s had to keep his arm stable for five weeks.”

With the permission of his doctor, Mr. Thovson is now  teaching half-days. “I can be up for an hour-and-a-half, but then I get very fatigued.” This causes half-days to be a challenge but, to him, it is worth it.

Last week he shared, “I miss being there and I can’t wait to be back and meet my kids.”