Central Falls into Autumn Fashion

Students are switching their wardrobes from summer to autumn. Here’s what to look out for.

By Regan Garcia

As the season changes and the air becomes colder, Central students are changing their wardrobes. Looking around school, warmer and darker colors like pumpkin oranges, cardinal reds, and caramel browns are popping up more often. This year’s fall fashion is definitely one to look forward to.

Floral prints were one of the biggest trends of the 70’s, and while they had died down in popularity, florals have made a giant comeback in the past few years. Floral print blouses, leggings, and embroidered flowers on everything are prominent this year. Even though florals are typically only fashionable in the spring, these giant floral prints seem to be perennial.

Socks worn with sandals have long brought images of the 80’s to people, but they’ve become trendy for the fall season, as the weather gets colder and people hold onto the last remnants of their summer vacations. Sandals are typically paired with crew length dark socks, to contrast with the lighter colored sandal straps.

As always, ankle length booties make their return this fall, as girls want to dress up but don’t want their feet to freeze off. Furred booties are bigger this year though, as they provide more color to an outfit.

The big color to look out for this season is army green, in pants, jackets, and shoes. Pair an army green jacket with some fur boots and a pumpkin orange shirt and you’ll blend in perfectly with the autumn landscape.

Sadly though, leg warmers have not yet made their fated return.

Photo: Fall by Mark Bonica on Flickr