How’s the Weather? Great, if you like tying bricks to your feet

Winds this week in Rapid City have consistently blown around 45 mph. Regan Garcia is tired of it.

By Regan Garcia

Are you kidding me South Dakota? I mean, I know we live in the plains, and it’s usually windy, but seriously??? This is bringing back memories of the school’s production of The Wizard of Oz from last year!

First, the 80 degree summer weather carried all the way into late September. Now, we have 30 mph winds all day, every day??? I understand that it was hot, but it’s a little late to turn the fan on, don’t you think?!?

I can’t walk outside without tying bricks to my feet first, otherwise I’ll blow away! I live in constant fear that my dog is going to get swept out of the yard! It takes me absolutely forever to fall asleep normally, and this wind is not helping at all! Halloween is tomorrow, you really expect kids to be able to go out in these conditions? They’re all going to fly away, regardless if they’re in a Superman costume or not!

I can’t forget about the snow! I try to tell people that it’s snowing, and when they look a second later, it’s not. It’s making me crazy!

South Dakota. Please, I am begging you, stop this nonsensical weather. I’ve gotta sit down now, I’m winded from all that yelling.