Parent Teacher Conferences Move to Teachers’ Classrooms

Parent teacher conferences on November 7 will take place in teachers’ classrooms instead of the commons.

By Meaghan Keohane

Central High School’s next parent teacher conferences will look a lot different than people are used to. The next conferences will be held in each teacher’s classroom instead of down in the commons. This new arrangement was requested by numerous teachers for varying reasons.

“It can be hard to have conferences when it’s crowded and loud,” Camille Anderson, an English teacher, explained about conferences in the commons. In this way, a quiet classroom is seen as a much easier and more personal place to explain the circumstances of a student’s performance to a parent.

The arrangement also “makes it easier to show parents any of their children’s work,” said Mark Bucholz, who teaches history. He explained that when you have 100 plus students it’s hard to haul all their assignments down to the commons and then bring it all back. Other teachers have pointed out that this set up gives teachers a chance to use their time more effectively because they have a chance to grade assignments if no one is there to meet with them.

One concern with the plan is whether parents will get lost trying to find the classrooms. Central is a large school and for many people who don’t come to Central every day, it may become confusing. But, with a map of the school printed on the back of students’ report cards and help from a few people directing clueless parents though the hallways, teachers and administration are hoping things will run smoothly.

File photo by Emma Winckel