Central Teachers Happy with New School Calendar

Central’s teachers have responded favorably to the elimination of early release Wednesdays.

By Maria DiGiacomo

A recent survey has revealed that the majority of staff at Central High School are happy our new superintendent decided to eliminate early releases. The Pine Needle’s survey collected opinions on early releases from 61 certified staff members and 18 classified staff members. Of the certified staff who responded, 72 percent are enjoying not having early releases, while 89 percent of the classified staff appreciate the new schedule.

For the staff that are in favor of having the full week of school, a lot has to do with the lack of productivity that took place on Wednesdays. “I prefer not having early releases,” one teacher pointed out. “I think professional development days will allow staff to accomplish more than we were able to during early release days.” Many teachers also stated the full days allow the students to be in a learning mindset all day and achieve more.

A common thread among the 28 percent in favor of early releases was the dislike for little time for teachers to collaborate with each other. “Although longer breaks are nice personally, the new calendar makes it difficult for collaboration with colleagues on a regular basis, and [that] makes meeting curriculum goals and standards more difficult,” one teacher stated. Additionally, some teachers believe not being able to meet regularly with other teachers in the school district throws off the unity of teaching in the school system.

Photo: Calendar* on Flickr by Dafne Cholet