Chamber and Symphonic Orchestra Take Home the Win!

Not only did they return with smiles on their faces, but also with three, three-foot tall trophies and two gold plaques.

By Emma Petermann

Last month, Central’s Symphonic and Chamber Orchestra recently returned from a trip they took to Chicago, Illinois where they competed in the National All-Music Competition. Kids participating in various music groups came from all over the nation, including places like, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, California, etc. However, no one was able to top Cobbler music mastery.

Both Chamber and the combined freshman/sinfonia Orchestra won gold in their respective category of the competition. The Adjudicators Award was also awarded to both Orchestras. This award is for a school who brought in two instrumental groups and earned the highest combined score (chamber and festival orchestra combined). Both groups were also awarded the Festival Sweepstakes.

Chamber was awarded the Outstanding Orchestra Group, which was for receiving the highest score of any group in the festival regardless of ensemble type (choir, band, jazz band, etc).

Two individuals from chamber orchestra were also recognized for their outstanding leadership in music. Cade Herrera and Jamie Linde were both awarded the Maestro award. “I feel a lot more humbled than I did. I feel extremely honored to win it… and unworthy because there were so many fantastic musicians there and so many fantastic musicians in our own chamber orchestra.” said Cade Herrera, reflecting on how he felt about winning this award.  “Bruce Knowles worked so hard, I can’t thank him enough. If it wasn’t for his passion for teaching music and everything he does for the kids, we wouldn’t be anywhere near as good.” Adjudicators from Notre Dame proclaimed Bruce Knowles as one of the best music directors they’ve ever seen.

Judges were so pleased with both orchestra’s pieces of music that they were invited to participate in a festival next year where they will have the opportunity to play in some of the top orchestra halls around the country including Chicago or San Francisco or Washington DC. Congrats!