Don’t Break the Bank for Prom!

Now that prom season is here, it’s time to go all out! However, going all out doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money… here are a couple tips on how you can save BIG!

By Stephanie Hight and Miles Jungclaus

  1. Rent a tux. Seriously.

Sticker prices for buying a tux is roughly around $500-$600. To save yourself a couple hundred dollars, I would suggest renting a tux which averages around $196, especially if you’re only planning on wearing it for that one night.

  1. Find alternatives to getting the perfect dress.

There are tons of ways to break the bank when it comes to the perfect dress. Find a local dress drive and get a dress for free. You can also make your own dress, (like me), that will save you a substantial amount of money rather than buying a dress right away.

  1. Pictures don’t always have to be professional.

Almost every high school has a photography club, so ask around and see if one of your classmates can take your pictures for you! Typically, they won’t charge, but some may. Another option is that handy dandy device you carry in your pocket. I can guarantee that your iPhone or Android device can take just as good of pictures, for FREE!

  1. Where to eat.

One of my favorite quotes is; “Still… nothing beats a home cooked meal.” If you are truly trying to save money this prom season, getting friends together at someone’s house for a home cooked meal, or pot luck, can save you so much more money than going out to the most expensive restaurant in town. I promise you.

  1. How to get to prom.

This one is simple, carpool. Get some pals together, take an normal car and drive it to prom. I promise NO ONE will care what you show up in. Yeah, your extended limo looks fun, but my 99’ Honda Accord is just as good.