Freshman House Bans Backpacks in Classrooms

The second floor of the freshman house joins the first floor in banning student backpacks in classrooms to ease transition into high school.

By: Isobel Verduzco & Paige Brownotter

Backpacks are now banned from freshman house classrooms. The students are allowed to bring their backpacks to school, but once class starts they are asked to leave their backpacks in their lockers. The reason is “To have a smooth transition from middle school into high school.” says Justin Conroy, Assistant Principal at Central. This makes it easier for the students to remember what they need for their next class and to keep organized. During passing periods they can go to their lockers as they please. They are allowed to have their backpacks in the main house and commons.

This is the first year where both floors in the freshman house are doing the backpack policy. The past couple of years, the first floor of the freshman house did it. This year the second floor initiated it.

The two floors want their students to be equal and have the same experience with no advantages. With new freshmen coming in, some will have to get used to the fact of no backpacks allowed. “Us in the freshman house want to have our backpacks with us.” said Freshman Cody Effenberger. The new policy will take some getting used to, but does not look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon.