In Warren’s Battle with Trump, No One Wins

Elizabeth Warren’s use of an ancestry test to call out President Trump failed to close the conflict between the two.

By Hunter Hufstutler and Harrison Byars

On July 5th Trump held one of his campaign rallies where he called out Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren about her ancestry. “I will give you a million dollars, to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian,” said President Trump. Senator Warren replied, “NIWRC is a nonprofit charity working to protect Native Women from violence. Send them your $1 million check.”

After taking on Trump’s bet, Warren took a DNA test which revealed that she was indeed part Native American. After she released the results of her DNA test in a video, President Trump was quick to go back on his words. Early Monday morning Trump denied ever making the bet. “I didn’t say that. You’d better read it again,” Trump told reporters. Despite everyone having blatant proof of him making the bet at his rally, he is continuing to deny that the bet was ever made.

There is no clear winner in this situation. Warren did take a DNA test which eventually revealed she was in fact 1/64th to 1/1,024th Native American. Warren did exactly what President Trump wanted but also exposed her very weak link to her Native American ancestry. She possibly just gained one million dollars for the charity of her choice but in turn she opened the floodgates of harsh criticism. Most saw her claims as far-fetched and panhandling. She really shot herself in the foot because Trump refused to pay, and she showed the world her lacking Native roots. An argument has been made that almost anyone residing in the United States has a similar percentage of Native American heritage in their DNA.

Trump continued to worsen the situation for himself by mocking Warren, calling her “Pocahontas” as a slur at one of his rallies. This doesn’t come as a surprise to most because President Trump has been known for his aggressive language. This is an awful standard Trump has set alongside his cries of “fake news.” Another big shocker is that Trump went back on his words. This isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last time he does so.

Our President should lead the world and be seen as an inspiration to all. Instead the leader of our country is verbally vindictive and is loose on his word.

Photo: Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore on Flickr