Students Prefer Pencil and Paper over Online Homework

While online assignments increase with the development of new digital technology, a majority of students still prefer physical, paper assignments.

By Sarah Thormahlen

Technology has grown immensely over the years, people use it for practically everything. But is it still preferred over the old school pencil and paper?

I ran a poll of over 100 people and I asked, do you prefer online or hard copy homework? In a surprising turnout, only 30% of people said they prefer online homework while 70% said they prefer hard copy. But why? We’re constantly using the internet for everything, so why don’t the majority of people like using it for homework too?

Senior Dalton Stephens prefers hard copy homework because it’s less likely he forgets about it. “If I continue to visibly see it its way harder for me to forget because it’s an actual piece of paper that I have to turn in,” he said. “When the assignment is online, I forget about it so easily because it’s just on some website, so I never even think about it even if I’m reminded, because I don’t have a hard copy of it.”

Senior Tyler Liebig has the opposite preference. “I like online because I never lose the assignment,” he said. “It’s always online, so I don’t have to worry about misplacing or ruining it. And because often I can get feedback on my answers right away, so I know how I’m doing.”

More teachers have converted to online homework but as the results of the survey showed, the majority of students would rather stick to pencil and paper homework. As technology and the internet continues to advance, the old school ways of hard copy homework may end up on top.

Photo: homework | 02/24/2011 by Brian Hansen on Flickr