School Library Partners with Public Library to Expand Students’ Reading Options

Central students can now access the public library’s digital collection through the school’s library.

By Mackenzie Nelsen

A new library partnership allows Central High School students to access the public library’s digital collection with their school login information.

Jayne Leusink, Central’s librarian, drew inspiration for the connection from the Cedar Rapids School district, which partnered with their local library digitally and physically. Leusink hopes for a similar outcome out of this partnership.

“Collaborating between the school the school district and the public library is monumental,” she said. “Students can access more books and resources with just their school ID.”

Students can tap into this resource by downloading SORA, a free phone app, or typing SORA into their chosen internet browser. They then use their student ID to log in and they have access to the public library’s e-books as well as audiobooks. Leusink is encouraged that the partnership allows the library to tap into public resources and hopes it can expand to middle and elementary schools as well, possibly allowing students’ IDs to act as library cards.