Seniors, Try a Trip to Celebrate the End of High School

With spring break finally here and graduation around the corner, it’s time for a senior trip. Here’s how to make it work.

By James Parr

With spring right around the corner, Central High School seniors will soon be moving on from their classmates and school. A great way to celebrate all of the hard work invested in getting to this moment is taking a senior trip. How far are future graduates willing to travel to make memories that will last a lifetime?

“I am going to the Pacific Northwest for my senior trip,” said Monica Lay, a senior at Central. Lay will be going on her trip with those she calls her “chosen family, Din Din Club.” She sees her senior trip as a way to spend time with her friends before they all go their separate ways.

The aforementioned is the shared wish of CHS seniors Colin Beck and Brady Rose. “It’s kind of like a last fun adventure together before we go our separate ways,” Beck stated, “As for if we are prepared for the trip, we have done a lot of research and done routes and cost effective ways to save money on the trip.”

Traveling together is one of the first ways to cut costs and travel longer distances. When you split the cost of a hotel room or Airbnb and gas between three to five people, it instantly makes things cheaper! Another way to save money is by camping. Most campgrounds charge from $10 to $30 for a one night stay, and if you camp on Bureau of Land Management land it is free.

Most of us do not possess private jets, so a good way to save on gas is by downloading the GasBuddy app and planning your fill ups around the cheapest gas stations. Even if the price per gallon is only a couple cents difference, that money will add up. You can thank me later!

Ditching the fast food and cooking for yourself is also a great way to cut costs, gain more calories to burn, and be healthier. There is nothing like driving for about five hours, going on a hike in the mountains, and then cooking yourself some gourmet chicken around the campfire, sitting with your friends and a guitar. 

When you are at a gift shop, resist the temptation to buy everything and just buy a shirt. Be smart with your money. The candy bar you buy might cost you the ability to buy car parts if you break down. And who knows what other problems you might run into on the road?

Pack your backpacks and go, seniors. Your next big adventure awaits!

Photo copyright James Parr