What Cobblers Say about Valentine’s Day

People have strong opinions about Valentine’s Day, so The Pine Needle sampled the mood in Central’s hallways.

Galentines or Valentines?

  • Addison: Valentines
  • Morgan: Galentines

Best romantic movie

  • Brailin: The Notebook
  • Ronan: The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Claudia (security): The Last Boy Scout
  • Doug (security): My wife would probably say Beauty and the Beast

What’s your opinion about people making out in the hallways?

  • Kelsi: It’s disgusting.
  • Ryle: Do what they gotta do.
  • Morgan: Gross.
  • Ronan: Find a room.
  • Abby: So gross, I think it’s in front of the English department.
  • David: I like them. It’s nice to see them happy with someone else.
  • Vivienne: Some PDA is okay, but there’s certain points where I draw the line, like making out and stuff.
  • Riley: Lysol spray, to spray the leeches. I was going to US history and there was a couple making out in the middle of the hallway–I ran into them and they never separated.

What is your favorite Valentine’s candy?

  • Claire: Chocolate hearts filled with stuff
  • Ben: Truffles
  • Vivienne: Sour worms
  • Harlie: chocolate
  • Mandy Hennies: I don’t like candy.
  • Abby: The heart-shaped chocolates

Opinions on Valentine’s Day?

  • Harlie: It’s overrated. We have to buy a lot of stuff like it’s his birthday.
  • Melissa: I think it’s a made-up holiday to spend money.
  • Vivienne: I think it’s cool. You get gifts.
  • Claire: I feel like it’s very capitalistic and makes single people feel sad.
  • Jonathan: It’s my second favorite holiday.
  • Abby: I think it is funny that high schoolers think their relationships are going to last.

Photo: Hearts Galore! by Caro Wallis on Flickr