Freshmen & Sophomores Exchange Words Before Cobbler Clash

With the cancellation of the Cobbler/Raider sophomore football game, Central’s coaches chose to begin a new tradition to end the season for the underclassmen: a freshmen vs. sophomore football game called The Cobbler Clash. In anticipation of the event, The Pine Needle asked each team for its predictions (and taunts), all in the name of fun. Whatever the case, Cobblers fans will want to attend the game Monday night at 6pm at Sioux Park Stadium to see the bright future of Cobbler football.

The Freshmen Perspective

On Monday, October 25th the freshmen football team scrimmages the sophomore team for bragging rights and other ridiculous reasons! Freshmen were unsure at first about getting hurt and pounded by our year-older brethren, but they have powered through the seemingly scary threat by realizing that no matter how hard they are hit! No matter how badly they are bruised! No matter how many fatalities they suffer on the field! It is a win-win situation for them! Even if by some miracle the larger sophomore team manages to defeat the superior 8-1 freshmen who have just finished their season, they will not be able to brag to people without being thought of like this: “Wow. You beat a younger, smaller team.” But if the freshmen win, we’ll be able to brag till times end about the great event of us defeating the larger, more superior looking team!

The Sophomore Perspective

The week preceding the first annual sophomore/freshmen Cobbler football game on October 25th was filled with fear and anxiety for the unusually small freshman team. Teachers and students alike watched as the freshmen avoided the sophomores with averted eyes, their defeat imminent. The freshmen having gotten away with facing middle-schoolers in their 8-1 season are downright not ready for what’s to come. The superior sophomores–superior not just in athleticism, speed, and strength, but in looks too–look forward to the upcoming game. With the sophomores’ game against the Stevens Raiders being cancelled, they are ready to take out their anger on the underclass team. Come to The Cobbler Clash for a good show, especially if you like watching a game that includes a running up of the score and many freshmen on the ground, balling.

Editor’s note: The views expressed here are not necessarily the views held by the editors of this paper. The editors firmly hope the Cobblers win the game. 🙂