Meteorology Class Hosts Weather Fair

by: Sean Lamke

As 1st grade students poured into the new, upstairs science department, Mrs. Rasmussen’ Meteorology class could feel the energy radiating from the children. Both sets of students from the first graders to the high school seniors anticipated a wonderful time learning about the weather.  The next hour held a variety of informational entertainment for the children that the Meteorology class had prepared.

Photo by Abby Zick

As the children dispersed into their different groups, they and their chaperones went to the table of their choice and the fair began. As the students rotated around the different tables, each group had the first graders involved and active with different activities as they learned about the weather.

One of the tables held a puppet show and taught the children the importance and dangers of severe weather.  A second group taught the basic cloud types and helped the first graders make their own clouds. At the third table, the children used their creativity to color weather pictures along with a hide and go seek game about weather events. The fourth group had the children involved in a bingo game.  The final group used giant cardboard raindrops, the wind, clouds, and a sun to sing about weather events. The group used “The 12 Days of Christmas” in a new re-written weather version.

Photo by Abby Zick

The children had wonderful time and will remember the day through pictures, along with coloring pages, lyric sheets, handmade clouds, and a great story to tell all their friends and family when they got back to school and went home afterwards.

The meteorology class had a great time with the first graders, learning just how smart first graders are! They knew almost every answer to the questions the high schoolers asked that day.

Photo by Abby Zick

As the final pictures were snapped and the final goodbye’s said, the children left with huge smiles and the Cobblers were proud of how well their variety show had turned out.

In the end, this year’s Weather Fair was a moment of learning just how far students have come from their first week in meteorology and a great way to end the semester.

Mrs. Kellogg’s class wrote delightful thank you cards that you should read. See Mrs. Rasmussen for more information.

Photo by Abby Zick