Weekly Roundup: Raider & Cobbler Fans, One Acts, & the Stock Show

Have you needed to find a parking place this week? Good luck! The stock show is in town, and students are happy to blame any tardies on the cowboys across the street, though the real parking problems were during the Evening of One Acts, which took place at night when the parking gets truly tricky over at the Civic Center. The stock show does tend to inspire some of the best themes for games, as the Cobbler fans were looking sharp at Stevens Thursday in their cowboy hats.


Speaking of those basketball fans, they definitely out-cheered the Stevens fans on Thursday at the girls’ basketball game. Perhaps volume-wise the Stevens fans were equal (an impartial observer would have to admit that the “We’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?” contest ended in a tie), but in terms of effectiveness, they just were not getting it done. Did anyone else notice when they began their little parody-Coach Bloome routine in the second half that the Cobbler girls were up by about five? The Raider fans spent the next five minutes of game time mimicking everything Coach Bloome did: yelling incoherently when Coach called to the girls, imitating all hand signals, taking a knee when he knelt down. That’s all fine and dandy, but what they weren’t doing was rooting for the Raider girls. The Raiders were struggling, and the fans weren’t paying attention. By the time the fans got bored with their parody act, their team was down 12 and students started hollering, “Let’s play volleyball!” at the Cobbler fans. Must have been a true inspiration to the Raider basketball players–your fans pay no attention for five minutes and then when you’re down by 12 they start yelling out for all to hear that they’d rather be watching volleyball, since the basketball team is struggling. The Pine Needle hopes Cobbler fans realize how encouraging they are when they focus on cheering for their team rather than mocking the other.


It’s a competitive week. Tonight the boys take on Stevens, and we’re figuring they’ll be particularly hungry for a win, as W’s have not been easy to come by this year. We’ll have a write up here at the Pine Needle early next week.


We’ll also have a write up of the State One-Act Festival in Aberdeen, where the drama department is presenting the show “Dublin: the Legend of Dagda.” The cast and crew were up until about 3am on Tuesday rehearsing the set up and take down of the set, which they will have to do in record time, somewhat akin to a NASCAR pit stop. They’re scheduled to perform this evening and with all that intense action and movement, we’re somewhat nervous telling them to break a leg; but that’s how those theatre folks say it, so we’ll say it anyway: Break a leg, Cobblers!

Students perform in the winter acting recital. Photo by: Skylar Larson

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