The Movie Buff Looks Back on My Bloody Valentine

by: Alan Smithee

Love is in the air people! Cupid has been shooting off some arrows! But some of those arrows have gone right through the heart . . . literally. Remember The Prowler that was a part of the hit 80s sub-genre of horror “slasher” films? Did you know that there were a lot of holiday slashers? True story! Films like the oh so famous Halloween, the oh so infamous Silent Night, Deadly Night and the oh so forgotten Mothers Day. But there was one holiday slasher that I ❤ :  My Bloody Valentine.

I watch this movie every Valentine’s Day, because this movie is a classic! It’s so classic it got a crappy 3-D remake! Hey, it was in 3-D. That means something.

This film came out in 1981 when the slasher craze was going strong. It’s plot centers around miners in a small town called Valentine’s Bluff. Years ago there was an accident in the mine. The supervisors left early to go to the Valentine’s dance that the town holds every year, and they forgot to check the methane levels in the mine. What can go wrong, right!?

There is an explosion! And six miners get trapped. For six weeks they looked for them, and only one man comes out: Harry Warden. After that Harry isn’t really the same; he doesn’t eat red meat, doesn’t go out of the house too much, and oh! that following year on Valentine’s Day he kills the two supervisors. He takes their hearts away . . . ❤ really. He takes out their  hearts and puts them in boxes. He leaves them at the dance with a letter saying if they hold another dance there will be hell to pay, the Harry Warden way!

Years later a group of young miners are getting ready for another dance. This of course is the first dance since the murders years ago (you will see stuff like this in a lot of slashers), but it all goes wrong after the mayor receives a Valentine with a human heart in it.

Everything goes bad after this, but the stupid young miners still want to have a party! So what do they do? The smartest thing they can do–throw a party in the mine! They have hot dogs, beer, their women, what can go wrong?

Everything! One by one they get hacked off (like every slasher film ever made). This movie tricks you though. The plot twist is pretty good, but of course I won’t ruin that. This film is pretty bloody; it’s got more blood than Friday the 13th and it’s very mean spirited. It’s your basic run of the mill slasher film, but what’s wrong with that? They’re fun movies! And they won’t be made anymore like they were back then. It’s forever a lost genre of film.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “The Movie Buff Looks Back on My Bloody Valentine

  1. What a fun movie! It truly is everything you would want from a slasher film. Perfect 80s horror the way I like it.

  2. I love this movie too and i remember when i saw this movie in the 6th grade and i was totally tricked by the plot twist

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