Science Funds for Fun Totals $3400

by: Jacob Sperlich (with Mrs. Sperlich and Ms. Heaton)

To kick off the opening of the 9th grade wing, the science department sponsored a raffle to help equip the new science classrooms.

CHS science sends a huge Thank You to Jostens, the company that sells class rings & graduation announcements, for donating the framed Terry Redlin print titled “An Evening with Friends.”

Science teachers are going to love their new equipment . . .

During the first two weeks of 2nd semester (January 16th – January 27th), Central High science students were encouraged to sell five-$1.00 raffle tickets for the framed Terry Redlin print.  Students were given a variety of incentives from their teachers to participate in the fundraiser including extra credit, late work coupons, assignment/homework passes & a free day.   Many students jumped at the opportunity and several sold more tickets than asked.  Nataliee Veley, who sold 31 raffle tickets said, “I’m glad that I could help sell the raffle tickets; it definitely went to a good cause.  This means we could have more fun labs in our future!”

The community support was amazing!  Five of Ms. Heaton’s six Chemistry classes had 100% participation or more.  In reaction to this success Ms. Heaton stated, “I am so proud of my students’ response to this raffle ticket challenge.  They truly went above and beyond to raise money for science equipment.  I gave incentives to students for selling raffle tickets; however, many students exceeded the number of ticket sales required to earn the incentives.”  Students were able to generate approximately $3400 in raffle sales.  This money will go directly to acquiring laboratory materials to engage students in science.  We are so excited to have our new classrooms, but the separation of science rooms on two floors and in the freshman pod has amplified the need for more equipment.  We just do not have the depth of supplies to accommodate everyone’s needs.   With budgets so tight there just isn’t the money needed.  As a department we are looking for any and all support we can get.

Wednesday February 1st the drawing resulted in Christian Boechler winning the print.  Christian is in Mr. Riggs Physics class.  Upon winning Christian said, “This is cool!  My parents are big Terry Redlin fans.”

Christian Boechler poses with Mr. Farrand and Mr. Riggs