Central a Difficult Place for Students on Crutches

Getting around a school as big as Central High School is difficult when students for students with leg injuries.

By Holly Allen

Central High School is a huge school and getting around is hard enough. It is even harder on crutches. Senior Coral Cain has faced knee pain for quite some time and has been experiencing the hardship of distant departments and many flights of stairs. “It was the hardest most painful thing ever,” she said. “The elevator was in an inconvenience so I had to use the stairs and that was rough because there are many stairs.” Senior Kyle Elder, who broke his ankle and was on crutches, says similar things: “It is hard going through the halls because of all the people. I was worried I’d run into someone and fall.” Walking through the hallways of Central is hard enough, to have to do it on crutches is almost impossible.

I personally was on crutches my sophomore year. It was so frustrating to be at school because it was during winter. It was hard because everywhere was slippery so my crutches slid everywhere. It was hard because the elevator made it harder to get to class. It made me have to walk farther, which I didn’t want to do, so I started using the stairs. The stairs were hard to do on crutches. The inclines were hard too. It’s only a small hill but I got tired and my arms hurt which made me more annoyed. The elevator helped when it was directly in my area, but considering most of the main departments aren’t near the elevator, it was difficult.

Photo: Poor Me by Siddle Nam on Flickr