Cobbler Roundup: Theatre up, Covid down, PE changes

Here are things of note around Central High School for February 17, 2022.

Central’s Theatre department brought home their 18th superior state award for Shoot like a Girl, written and composed by the cast and creative director Justin Speck. The technical crew, under the direction of technical director Joey Lore, caused a splash by including a rising helicopter in the show. In addition to the ensemble award, senior Mackenzie Nelsen was awarded a superior state costume award for her costume design for the play Jungle Book. (Mackenzie Nelsen)

As the two-year marker of Covid-19 approaches, one or fewer teens are now being sent home each day with mild symptoms due to Covid-19, down from a pandemic high of 15 students a day.

“When we were not here in the building it was most stressful because I was worried about all the kids and their needs being met at home,” said Terra Larson, Central High School’s nurse. Larson encourages students to get lots of rest and keep themselves hydrated. (Brooke Brey)

Starting at the end of this school year students will be given three choices instead of the regular PE classes Cardio, weights, advanced weights, and lifetime activities. Instead the three classes are going to be strengthening and conditioning, Cobblers power, and team sports. “Strengthen and conditioning is the weights and cardio class combined together into a single class,” said PE teacher Melissa Yeoman. “Cobblers power is power lifting weights from a basic view point, and team sports are activities played together as a team, like soccer, pass game, etc.” (Evan Long)