Cobblers Host One-Act Festival

The Cobblers hosted the One Act Festival for the first time.

By Blake Bush

Central High School recently hosted the South Dakota State One-acts Festival for the very first time. The festival went on for three days, with 45 different schools from across the state coming to display their talents in front of their peers.

Central High School is the first west-river school to host the festival, and this was a dream come true for artistic director Justin Speck. “I participated in the festival when I went to school here,” Speck said. “It was truly wonderful to be able to give back to the wonderful community of artists we have here in our state.” The festival concluded Saturday, February 5th.

This festival wasn’t a cinch to put together, however. Justin Speck, Joey Lore, and the activities department had to face down the problem of parking with the stock show looming in the distance across the street. Security guards were called in to protect Central’s parking from the raucous stock show participants. One security guard even reported being “Spat on and cursed out.”

Regardless of the obstacles that they faced, the drama club remained determined. They worked tirelessly to ensure that they created an environment for artists across South Dakota to come and share their gift.

Photo courtesy of Justin Speck