What’s Your Prom Get-Go?

By Molly Boehler and Adam Taylor

With prom coming up next month, students are beginning to search for the appropriate garb – but what is right for you? Don’t worry. We’re going to help you out with that.

We all have different tastes in clothing, but one mutual agreement is that we all adore the overly sweet, nostalgic taste of a Capri Sun. Why not translate that beloved refreshment into a marvel-worthy outfit? Who doesn’t love the friction of a laminate of aluminum foil and polyethylene? You will harness a beam of metallic brilliance in your matching dress and vest. Shine on.


Now, think back to 2001, when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore tasteful washed-out denim to the AMAs. Fifteen years later, we think it’s about time to bring that back. Get out there and support your local thrift stores by buying a metric butt-load of denim. Don’t worry about mixing denims, because nobody has a problem with that. You can never have too much denim – trust us.


The first two suggestions guarantee that you will attract attention. We want to target not only those who enjoy standing out in a crowd, but the ones don’t, as well. We’ve got just the thing for you the only thing that will ensure complete invisibility – that’s right: camouflage. With this style, you will indicate creativity while no one takes a second glance. I mean, you’re literally wearing a chameleon.


Lastly, we always like to end with a bang. Animal print! Feisty!

Screenshot (1).jpg